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April 03, 2008



Hey stranger...the cards are fantasic. You do such awesome work. I've missed ya. How's Roxy?

Hope to see more of you!


Hey there. Your cards are awesome. You always do such awesome work!! I've missed ya and hope to see you more around the blog world.

Oh, how's Roxy?


good to see you posting again some of your work....always a beautiful job , glad to see the puppy is doing better.


GORGEOUS!!! Um...I'll be lifting these...probably "plagerizing" would be closer because I have very little intent of changing them at all...



I just love what you've done with this Making Memories paper! I have some of this same paper and love the colors! Your designs are so fabulous!

jodi k

thanks for the inspiration - i think sunday I'm going to lounge around and make as many cards as I can from my stash of old stuff. Lord knows I never have a card on hand for any occasion. how sick is that?

Mary c

Beautiful as usual. Glad to hear Roxy is on the mend.

Sonda T

gorgeous cards, Hilary!! I love the pink and green combo. hey, i think i have those papers too!

Melina {gingerkitty}

love these cards


Wow....gorgeous work and I am so behind in reading about your life...poor Roxy! I am so sorry. Your work is just my fav...and just wanted to pop in and say hi..thinking about you and hoping every day is wonderful!!


Such total sweetness girl! I'm in awe---such a treat.


These cards are all so cheerful and happy!

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