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December 08, 2008


Rachel Schumacher

I just love that first card! What is that beautiful pink fabric? Thanks for the great ideas.

Oh, I guess I'm a "snowflakes" gal.


First of all, I just have to say that I LOVE all your creations you do amazing work...just came across your blog today. Will be back for sure as often as I can :)! I would have to go with liking snowflakes better than snowball fights because I am usually on the team that loses. Plus, snowflakes are so pretty and soft when they hit you :)!
Thank you for this chance at winning some goodies :)!


Jackie W.

Well, you've done it again - created some amazing eye candy for us! Love it all! I'm a snowflakes girl myself! We have some nere in Buffalo if you want! Have a wonderful week! Hugs, Jackie

Beatriz Jennings

OH! MY! GOD!!! GIRL you totally did a GREAT JOB with this kit!!! it is AWESOME! I will post a link on my blog so I can show to others your work!!! THANKS for sharing!! :)


OOOH love the fluffy fabric and snowflake. And the glittery snowflake and the heart and the goodie bags! Ok I love it all! Happy Birthday wishes. That cake looks way cute!

Carolyn H

Ooooh, I just discovered your very cool blog days ago! I love the snowflakes cards!! So cute! I'm going to have to get some of this stuff after Christmas! I love snowflakes, but snowball fights are fun once in awhile too! ;D


Love ALL OF IT!!!! You are sooooo talented!! I think that I'm a snowflake kind of girl....quite, romantic, etc... but once in a while snowball fight is fun too!!! Char


I would have to say I would prefer to have snowball fights because it is fun and interactive, my kids would love it to. The only problem is we live in Arizona, so snow is not a word in our dictionary. Love your creations.

Alice Golden

Happy Birthday to your adorable little guy! What is that cool pink fuzzy fabric you used? love it! It just snowed here for the first time this weekend and we had one big snowball fight...even though snowflakes are my favorite :)

Danielle Flanders

These are so very gorgeous, Hilary! wow!! I love your little snowballs, how cute, I'll have to remember that for some little gifts! =)


Love snow flakes - no doubt there!!
Thanks for your continued creativity!!
Love the ideas.

Lisa Dorsey

Girl!!!! Those projects are unbelievable! Happy birthday to your sweet little guy. Snowflakes are WAYYYY better. :)

Wendi Roppolo

Gorgeous, Hilary!
Even if I don't win, I am totally stealing those goodie bag IDEAS for random gifts!! Too cute!
Anyhoo---it would be SNOWFLAKES, hands down.
See, when you grow up with a big brother who throws the snowballs at your FACE, you start to not like them.
Now, if we're talking about PAPER...girl, if I can GLITTER it, I love it. lol


Ever since I discovered your blog I check every day for something new! I'm loving the new post. Some days I just look to see all the projects I've already looked at 100 times! I just love your work.

Definitely going for snowball fights. Reminds me of the good ol' days when I was the only girl in the neighborhood and being so small I could hide and the boys never got me! Oh for it to snow in the south! I miss it!

Melanie Douthit

Oh My Stars!! I just dropped in to tell you how much I am drooling over your cards. These are delicious!!! What a nice, kit, too.

Don't enter me, but just for the record - I'll take snow any way I can get it. It's been 8 long years with no snow in the south. *sigh*

Happy Birthday Conner! You are growing up so fast. I can't believe you are SEVEN! My little dd is right behind you! The cake is beautiful, too!

Melissa Phillips

Ohhhh..sigh...all I can say is you are pure genius! These are so your work.

Jennie T.

Snowflakes, definitely! But your creations make snowballs AND snowflakes look fantastic! Really beautiful work :)

Sarah Mullanix

Well gorgeous as always...and the choice is easy for me...I love pretty things and absolutely hate the cold so I definitely choose SNOWFLAKES because I can enjoy the beauty from my warm comfy couch!

lisa k in tx

I can't believe that you work a full time job (and a pretty stressful one at that) and you have time to create the most beautiful designs I have ever seen. You style is amazing, and I love coming to check out what you have done! You are my card making, scrabooking STAR! You ROCK! Merry Christmas!! Lisa k in tx


Beautiful cards again Hilary, as always!! I just LOVE snowflakes... and all things snow, for that matter. I grew up in PA and live in NC now, and I SOOOOO miss the snow! Thanks for sharing, and Happy BDay to your baby boy (mine is 7, too! Aren't they great at this age?)

Sharon Dixon

Hi Hilary, love and admire all your work and creations - drop by every time when online to take a peek.
I have to comment too on the post you made last week re. the little one who nearly drowned - I can totally understand where you are coming from and the way you must have been feeling at that time. I am an E.R nurse and deal with these emergencies often unfortunately. But, it is such a fantastic feeling when things work out and you have played a huge part in making a difference to someone's life. Always be proud of yourself!
With regards to your question, i must admit i'm a snowflake girl! But, we turn snowflakes into snowballs hence you get the best of both world's don't you?
Take good care Hilary and Merry Christmas.
Hugs, Sharon xx


Hello miss MOMBO TALENTED!!!!!
You're cards ROCK!!!! You never EVER surprise me with what you're the BEST.



Wow... I so love your creations! I am so gonna steal the goodie bag idea and this isn't the first time I have copied from you. Loved the Starbucks jars too. Heck, I love everything. :) Thanks for sharing your beautiful designs. The eye candy is just so lovely. I would love to win a Hilary creation. Since I live in FL, I would settle for snowflakes or snowballs...either one. Also, Happy Belated, Connor.


oh such beautiful projects-as always! AND a chance to win one you have handmade?!! I personally prefer snowflakes....they are so beautiful and I am watching them fall outside right now. ;)
And happy birthday to DS! I have a 7 yr old who loves Spongebob too!

Sara M

Oh my! What pretty projects!!! I would have to say I am definitely a snowflakes kind of girl ;) And, I could use a few more of them right now to get me goin with my Christmas "to do"s!
Thanks for sharing!
Sara :)

Jennifer Hansen

My son just turned 8 and he's all about the Sponge Bob too!

nancy smith

I love these pretty projects...What inspiration you have given me! I am a snowflakes kind of girl but would never pass up a good old snowball fight. Thanks for the chance to win.

Cassonda Tadlock

Hilary, these are all so gorgeous! WOWZERS! I am drooling everywhere right now. Thanks for a chance at those goodie bags. Looks delish!
I prefer snowflakes but then again I prefer snow any way I can get it. No snow here in the valley of California. TOO HOT! Go figure huh? Esp. when we are below 32 degrees right now. If it would just rain!!!!! Then, we'd have snow. But noooooooooooooo! It never does.
Happy Birthday to Conner. 7 already? Where does the time go girl? WHERE DOES IT GO?????


I'm for snowflakes ;-) so delicate and cute!
Love all your cards - they look lovely!
have a great day


LOOOVE these gorgeous cards, Hilary!!!

Debbie Fisher

Ohhhhh please please please draw my name! I just found your blog and I love it!!! I love the card with the pink chenille fabric. WOW! This blog is full of inspiration and I'm coming back every day. Ü

Snowflakes for me. I'm a little girl at heart and I love to try to catch them with my tongue. Ü

Rebecca Ednie

Your little guy is very cute and the photography was great. I suppose IRL I like snowflakes better but for the prize I prefer snowballs! Thanks for some fun candy!


Chenille ... ain't it just the snuggliest fabric out there? Takes me back to my youth. These projects are so inspirational and - well, snuggly! Thanks!


WOW! Such beautiful work! I guess I'm a quiet SNOWFLAKE kind of gal -- the magic and stillness of each flake! Thanks for sharing!


I'm a snowflakes girl! Love 'em! Your work is amazing!


Mmmm delicious....I am definately a snowflakes girl as I hate the cold but love the snow (if that makes sense) :) Merry Christmas!


Where do I sign up to get your daily blog? I love your work - absolutely gorgeous! I think I'm more the snowflake type & thank you for this opportunity! Love your pictures too!


love snowflakes. It's been said one snowfake by itself cannot do much but put a lot together and you can shut down a whole city or build a snowman.


Because I don't live where it snows, I'd take either:) We have been wanting to take the girls to a location so they could experience snow & each didn't snow:(

Ashley Harris

Those are just beautiful! You do wonderful work!! I prefer snowflakes for sure!


Oh, all of your creations are all soooo yummy. I would have to say I would prefer the snowball fights because I have never had them and they look so yummy that I think I need to try them:)

Cathy K.

I'm a snowflake girl myself, but your projects are so lovely I'm even liking the snowballs!

Jill Cornell

Your cards are stunning! I prefer snowflakes myself and watching them from the comfort of my home! :)

Shan Herren

Wow - your work is beautiful and very inspiring!
Put me down for a good snowball fight anytime :)


Oh my!!!!! Simply gorgeous!!! LOVE your beautiful creations!! (Why can't I do that?) :0P Thanks for your beautiful ideas and the chance to win a yummy!

Troy Louise

Wow, love your blog - I just found you through Melissa Phillips' blog. I'm getting a little too old for snowball fights, but still enjoy at least one a season. Your holiday decorating is very nice.


your cards are soooo beautiful!!!!!
i love snowflakes;)


gorgeous!!! as usual! thank you for the wonderful inspiration!

snowflakes for sure!!!

Laurie Star

Hi Hilary - I found you through Melissa. Remember me from Self Addressed? :) I love your blog and I love snowflakes. Love too, what you did with Beatriz's kit! :)


I found your website via Lillybean... I love your creations. They are so beautiful !I would love a snowflake. Southern California doesn't see too much snow :)

Kim C.

I have to say I like snowflakes the most. I especially like to watch them slowly fall while I am inside with a hot cup of coffee, the fire roaring in the fireplace and a nicely scented candle burning. To me this is heaven. Thanks for the chance to win.


Gorgeous cards!!! Absolutely scrumptious! Your ds is adorable, my dd would LOVE that spongebob cake! LOL!!! I much prefer snowball fights with the kids!!! lol!


Lovely! Great projects!

Kathy Yeomans

Connor looks as though he enjoys turning 7! Its wonderful to see such a big smile. My 7 year old grandson broke his leg last week while sledding at his school. It took a big, long white cast to get a great smile on his face!


Gorgeous! Love all of these!


Merry Christmas Hilary! I'm just catching up on your blog, I've been sort of AWOL lately. Your projects are all so darling ~ I love the glitter house and snowman topiary. You're too much. These snow cards are so beautiful too. Makes me almost like snow! ;-) I think I need to trade houses with someone in the south during the winter since I'm not a snow bunny. The goodies in your giveaway look yummy, that was nice of you to do. Enjoy the holidays with your family Hilary. I'm so glad I found you this year.

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